5 Decor Tips For a Modern Home

Do you enjoy today’s contemporary designs but want to make use of a modern home design and theme? There are many great new modern furniture options for you as well as simple and easy to do designs that you can use even if you have no formal training in home décor.Durability and comfort are important in any home décor and clean, uncluttered rooms are perfect for a modern home décor. From the smallest accessory items to a total home overhaul, you can use these tips for a more modern décor.Here are 5 décor tips for a modern home that you can start using today:1. Use efficient lighting- Make sure your rooms have enough lighting as well. This prevents eyestrain.2. Keep it simple in the bedroom- Keep things that have nothing to do with sleeping out of the bedroom as much as possible.3. Neutral colors are best for modern design- These neutral colors give you a fresh and clean look. It also gives a great backdrop for modern paintings, artwork or furniture in the room.4. Sleek and cool; not gloomy and boring- While you want your modern design to be fresh and uncluttered, this doesn’t mean it has to be boring or gloomy.5. Carefully arrange your furniture- You should choose how you arrange your furniture, such as in the living room.The arrangement in the room can make a big difference in the feeling you create with your modern décor.
Now that you have these five tips, you are ready to start making the most of your home décor. If you are getting new furniture, keep these ideas and modern home tips in mind but don’t think that you have to have a total room makeover to switch to a more modern design. You can make changes with your existing furniture and décor items that will make a big difference.

A Woman’s Dilemma, Career and Family: How Working From Home Answers a Problem That Many Mothers Face

Me? Give up my career ambitions? Work from home? Join a network marketing company? There would be absolutely no way! Well, that is what I thought. But in 2005 I became pregnant with my first daughter. Little did I know how much she would truly change my life. It is amazing what our children teach us. Without her, I would have never opened my mind to opportunities and possibilities that changed my life for the better.Rewind eight years: I graduated from college with a BS in Chemical Engineering. I went on to work for a corporate business that put me through a rigorous training program. Working 60-80 hour work weeks over the course of the next eight years encapsulated my life. I established myself as a career woman with a strong work ethic; willing to move anywhere, work for anyone and travel at any point all for a respectable salary but definitely at a cost. I moved five times in the first three years out of college….all for business.In 2004, I decided to add madness to the mayhem: going back to school on the weekends to get my MBA while continuing to work a crazy schedule. I remember traveling and studying with colleagues who had families at home. Wow, I was completely clueless what the corporate moms and dads were missing at home. I just never thought about how this “so-called life” would need to change when having children. I was sure I could do it all – career and family – my mind was set.Even in 2005 when my husband and I found out that we were pregnant with our first child I still had every intention to continue working in the corporate world until retirement. Hopefully my husband and I would be in good health so we could enjoy our golden years. The only dilemma I thought I had at the time was finding a nanny. It didn’t take long before my REAL dilemma revealed itself.In the summer of 2006, our daughter was born and I starting seeing the world with my heart not my mind. It rocked my world when I had to go back to work from maternity leave. Much to my surprise, I did not want to leave our new baby with another person while I worked all day away from her. I was finding that it was more important to find time to pump (I was breastfeeding) then trying to excel at my job. Making sure my baby had my milk was more important than my job. What was going on?Finally, after a lot of tears and talks with my husband, we decided to make some changes to our current lifestyle so I could be at home with our five month old baby. I quit my corporate job and I can honestly say, NEVER, in a million years did I think that I would be a stay-at-home mom!Being at home with my baby, I enjoying the many milestones new babies achieve in their first year. But as time passed and my daughter was 18 months old, I was yearning to work again but how could I possibly go back to the corporate world now? I started to fret – corporate work would take me away from home too much but anything less wouldn’t be worth the money.Before I had to make that painful decision, I was introduced to a home based business opportunity by a close friend from my MBA program. She was also a new mom and suffering the same dilemma. I have to admit, my first reaction was SHOCK – my girlfriend who had also worked for her MBA and dreamed of a fancy career was working from home in a network marketing business?! I thought she was brainwashed and must have drunk the Kool-Aid at a MLM rally.Even though I was skeptical, I was completely intrigued by the thought of establishing a career from home. I stayed up many late nights reading and researching home based sales systems and the network marketing industry. Even though I was very afraid of “what would my friends say” I decided to jumped in with both feet.Surprisingly, I was having a blast working in the network marketing industry – sharing, selling and training other women in my company – it was all very challenging and rewarding. When I became pregnant with my second daughter, I suffered a miserable 26 weeks of pregnancy. I had no choice but to take some time off from my home based business. While I was out-of-the-game, I was astonished that I was still making money from my existing clients’ re-orders. That is when the idea of residual income became crystal clear to me. What are the chances that you could take time off work in the corporate world and still receive support, a pay check and a guarantee that your position will be there on your return?Now I wasn’t afraid to talk to my friends because network marketing made sense. It is a brilliant sales system that can offer a solution for many other moms who want to raise a family but also want to work. All parents can understand that children change your life. I didn’t know how much until I had my own; never predicting that I would make career altering decisions because of my desire to stay at home with my kids.Looking back, I would not change my decision to quit my corporate job. In fact, I have exciting goals for what my future holds. The people who I have met on my network marketing journey have given me the confidence and the vision of a future much brighter and financially fulfilling than any corporate career could provide.Balancing work and family is not an easy feat. Sometimes it is downright exhausting! But I know that I’m not alone. Many career-minded moms have changed their minds about what ‘professional success’ means after they felt that first little kick in their belly. It may not be easy – having a career and family that is – but I’m thrilled to know that through the network marketing industry women have a CHOICE to have both.

Cheap Nice Hotels – What to Expect From Them and How to Book Them at Low Rates

For many travelers, embarking on a business or leisure trip would necessitate a stay in cheap nice hotels that would fit comfortably into their budget. So what exactly is a “nice hotel”? Many people would seek a hotel that is able to adequately meet all of their basic accommodation needs at their destination, which usually means having comfortable beds, clean rooms and friendly service.Many travelers also think it important that their hotel should possess amenities which can complement the reason for their visit. For example, business travelers and leisure travelers may look for hotels with well-equipped business facilities and spas respectively, while most guests would seek a hotel with an accessible location with regards to business or tourist hotspots. Still, others would think of their ideal hotel as being no less than a five-star property providing numerous opportunities to be pampered.Hence, can one book such hotels at fantastic, low prices? Some time and effort invested in hotel research can go a long way in getting yourself a hotel that would provide a more than satisfactory stay without breaking the bank. Here are some tips and advice regarding what you should look out for in cheap nice hotels and how to get bargain rates when booking them.All that you need under one roofMore cheap hotels are boasting a wide array of amenities and services that are catching up with those offered by deluxe and luxury accommodation, hence most of your needs can be met under one roof. For example, gyms, complimentary meals, room service, swimming pools, Internet connectivity and even in-room kitchenettes can commonly be found in these hotels.Low cost alternatives resembling luxury hotelsIn many places, you can easily find cheaper versions of luxury hotels in many places. These hotels provide a similar ambiance, decor and amenities at a more affordable rate. For instance, like their more expensive counterparts, budget boutique hotels boast state-of-the-art amenities in the guestrooms, such as flat-screen TVs, and common spaces to facilitate mingling among guests.Paying less for luxury hotelsPaying less for your hotels does not mean that you have to settle for hostels and motels all the time. In fact, brand-name luxury hotels may run regular promotions that may be worth your attention, hence it is a good idea to look out for them periodically.Some advice to help you snag fantastic deals off hotelsBefore you can secure excellent online hotel deals, you may want to pinpoint a certain location and the kinds of amenities and services that you would expect from your hotel. Aggregator travel websites can assist you by offering you all the information you need regarding hotels which suit your criteria. Hence, you will be able to identify which room category suits you the best.This makes it easier to compare deals among hotel rooms with similar characteristics in different hotel chains, as well as cast your net wider to consider other hotels in slightly further locations which may offer even cheaper rates. To enjoy the best rates, it is advisable to book with an online travel agent as they usually offer customers rates which are discounted after negotiating with hotels.When is an advisable time to book your hotels to enjoy attractive savings? Generally, during the peak tourist seasons in your destination, you should place an advanced booking as booking any later may see the cheaper room categories quickly snapped up. If you are travelling outside this period, you can try booking at the last minute instead to gain discounts from last minute deals.