Positioning Your Business for Success Through Social E-Commerce

For those not familiar with the term, social e-commerce refers to business conducted through social media. While it is not as new as we image considering the fact that social media has always had an impact on business, social e-commerce is today an avenue through which businesses can considerably increase their revenue. Businesses are now positioning themselves to take advantage of what has clearly been established as one of the most effective advertising and marketing avenues of recent times. Through personal relationships, products have been recommended and promoted to achieve high levels of popularity which have translated to increased sales and ultimately, higher revenues.

The question thus begs, how can you position your business in order to reap from the growth in social e-commerce? The first step for you is going to where your customers are. The people who use your products will in many cases have a lot in common. Social media is very likely to be among their shared interests and you need to establish which among the many social media platforms they are most active. Your initial social e-commerce strategy should be to find out where your customers are, and reach out to them.

Once you have located your customers, you need to work on building a connection with them. In order to effectively get to clients through social media, you need to understand and share their interests. The success of social e-commerce is attributed to peers and interest groups. By connecting with them at their level, you become an accepted peer or member of the interest group. Participating in general discussions, sharing interesting stories, ideas and news without attempting to push your products are some effective ways of making this connection. Beyond making the connection, you need to be prepared to maintain it so as to enjoy long term and increasing benefits.

The next step in positioning your business for success through social e-commerce is to have exclusive offers for your connections on social media. The opportunity to be part of a select few who have access to special offers, treats and exclusive information will attract a lot of interest on social media. Another excellent idea that could be applied here is the posting of vacancies within your business to your social media connections.

With all the above in place, you are well on your way to success in social e-commerce. You should also keep a close eye on what your competition is doing as they might be stealing your ideas or they could have a strategy you could improve and effectively apply. You should also ensure that your approach is fresh and creative as recycled ideas are easily spotted and dismissed in social media circles.

Having done all this, remember that your main objective is to sell your products. All the hard work you put into coming this far was meant to position your products, business and brand for success among those using social media. Hopefully you will realize the success you desire through social e-commerce by applying these simple but highly effective strategies.

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